Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breaking My Heart...

There are very few things that can break my heart.  Before I had children, I was a sucker for a sappy commercial or news story about a dog.  In fact, one day when I was on my way to work, I heard a news story about a dog that was stranded on the roof of a house in a flood zone.  I'll admit it; I cried the rest of the trip into work.  However,  these days, one sure way to break my heart is the sound of Scout's cry.  Over the past week, Scout has reverted back to her nightly routine of crying at bedtime.  This cry brings on immediate stress and a tug at my heart to comfort her.   Wade, who can at times be the more rational parent, has been reminding me that we need to stay strong and not take her out of her bed.  However, when your child is crying for Momma it is truly heart breaking.  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Have you met Scout(zilla)?

Well, the answer to this question is simple.  If you were traveling anywhere on the east coast last week, you probably met Scout (aka Scoutzilla).  Scout made fast friends with most strangers she met... elderly women gave her stuffed animals, she scored *FREE* food on an airplane, and a flight attendant greeted her by name (and gave her a high-five) outside of the airport.   If you don't know Scout you can be easily charmed by her blue eyes, white blond hair and vibrant personality.  She can even charm a smile out of a TSA officer.  (Unfortunately, as a result of my poor parenting skills she told everyone that her name was Scoutzilla, oops.)  

This summer Scout took her third trip to Florida.  And, this trip, by far, was her best.  Long gone are the days of Scout and I hiding in an airplane bathroom because I am too embarrassed to show my face on the plane.  Scout successfully endured the steamy, daily Florida temperatures of 95+ degrees with a smile.  She stayed in her stroller at LegoLand and didn't try to jump off of any rides. And, most importantly, to her mommy and nana, she was well behaved during our shopping trips.   Scout ROCKED Florida!  

Scout & Jackson at the entrance to LegoLand
Sitting in her stroller 
Scout on the Carousel with Nana & Jackson
Scout sharing a giggle with Nana

So, have you met Scout?