Monday, December 3, 2012


Today, Scout turns three.  This means that this blog can no longer be about one mom's highly imperfect journey parenting a two-year-old.  

So, do I think that today will be any different then yesterday, last week or two months ago? No.  I think Scout will continue to strip naked at the drop of a hat, pee in teacups, draw on herself, swear and talk like a pirate.  But, I also think she will continue to be the best known kid on the airplane, a cheerleader for her parents when they are running races, a friend who kisses others "boo boos," a girl who is truly iridescent, and a daughter whose cry will always break my heart.  

Happy 3rd Birthday, Scoutzilla!

With a little luck and help from Starbucks, I think that we can make it to your 4th birthday.

Scout celebrating her 3rd birthday at Build-a-Bear