Monday, December 3, 2012


Today, Scout turns three.  This means that this blog can no longer be about one mom's highly imperfect journey parenting a two-year-old.  

So, do I think that today will be any different then yesterday, last week or two months ago? No.  I think Scout will continue to strip naked at the drop of a hat, pee in teacups, draw on herself, swear and talk like a pirate.  But, I also think she will continue to be the best known kid on the airplane, a cheerleader for her parents when they are running races, a friend who kisses others "boo boos," a girl who is truly iridescent, and a daughter whose cry will always break my heart.  

Happy 3rd Birthday, Scoutzilla!

With a little luck and help from Starbucks, I think that we can make it to your 4th birthday.

Scout celebrating her 3rd birthday at Build-a-Bear

Monday, November 19, 2012

"What the Heck?"

After an extremely long day at work, I arrived at daycare to pick up Scout and my niece, Izzy.  I quickly scanned the daycare for Scout.  I saw three girls, including my niece, coloring at the table, two boys sitting on the couch playing a video game, and Scout, with her underwear and skirt around her ankles, standing in the middle of the play area.  Even though my initial instinct was to turn around and leave her there, like a good mother, I fought that urge.  Instead I approached her and said, "Oh Scouty, what are you doing?"  This is when I realized why her underwear and skirt were around her ankles.  Directly in front of her was a delicate, red child's teacup filled with a not so mysterious yellow liquid. Scout, ever the sly child, looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said, "What the heck?" 

Monday, November 12, 2012


Photo Credit: Andy Molloy.
Pictured: Jackson, Wade & Scout
Not Pictured: Me
Last Sunday, Jackson ran his first 5K race.  Given his hesitation about the race, I decided to join Wade, Scout & Jackson to make it a family run. Well, as it turns out Jackson did not need me, and I was the slowest member of my family.  However, what made this race a truly special event for Jackson was the fact that his picture made the paper!  It was incredibly sweet to watch his excitement and pride at having his picture in the paper. 

And, because this is a blog specifically for Scout.  I do have to mention that Scout is the real CELEBRITY in the family.  This was not Scout's paper debut.  She had been photographed with Wade running a race in Augusta as part of the Bond Brook Summer Trail series in August of 2011, and the photo made the paper again in the spring of 2012.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Letting Go...

Anyone who knows me, knows that I can be a "little" uptight (I can hear my husband laughing about the use of "little" right now).  However, I was raised to be determined and focused, which can look like uptight behavior.

While parenting Jackson, it was initially easy to maintain determination and focus.  Essentially, he did exactly what I wanted him to do.  He potty-trained easily, went to bed without a whimper, and was the model child in public situations.  Life was easy, and I continued on the path of having things exactly the way I wanted them to be.

And, then came Scout...  Nothing with Scout is easy (if you know Scout, this is not a lie or an exaggeration of the truth).  Scout, who is almost three, still wears pull-ups, rarely ever naps, and is a, dare I say, bully at daycare.  Life with Scout is NOT easy, and I can not continue on the path of having things exactly the way I want them to be.

However, this post is not about praising Jackson and belittling Scout.  I love my children equally (sometimes?).  This post is actually an apology.  Recently, more often than not, I am short tempered with my children, which is not fair to them.  I need to let go of having things the way I want them to be or expect them to be.   Accidents and unplanned events occur on a daily basis.  If I don't start to embrace them and adjust, I will continue to miss out on life (and make my family miserable ☹).

I love you Scoutie and Jackson!

Jackson & Scout returning home from a recent weekend trip.

A girl after my own heart.

As daring as ever!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Scout does EVERYTHING to the extreme, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.  When she is happy or excited, enthusiasm reins her little body.  Her smile spreads from ear to ear, and her laughter is contagious.  When she is upset, her grief is inconsolable, and her cries break my heart.

On September 30, 2012, I completed my first (and probably last) marathon.  It was not the experience that I had hoped it to be, but I finished with the support of many people.  My mother was both wise and generous to book hotel rooms in Portland the night before the race.  And by rooms, plural, I mean that my mother, AKA "The Saint,"  agreed to have both kids spend the night with her, while Wade and I got to spend the night ALONE.  Speaking of Wade, he outdid himself running with me from miles 12-18.  Even though he complained about carrying a water bottle, and he gave some of my food away to a fellow runner, I might have given up if it was not for him.  At the start of the race, it was a HUGE treat to see my longtime college (and after college) roommate, Kim.  Kim was running her first half marathon and running with her for the first six and a half miles helped me get the marathon off to a good start!  By the end of the marathon, I really had nothing left to give emotionally or physically.  So,  it was nice to be joined by my super speedy sister-in-law who graciously ran, or should I say walked, with me the last six grueling miles.  As if the support I received from my mother, Wade, Jen & Kim was not enough, I was also very fortunate to have friends stand in the pouring rain and cheer me on.  

So you might me asking yourself, "How does Scout fit in to this story?  This is a blog about Life with Scout."  With .2 miles left in the marathon, I was greeted by Scout sitting on top of Wade's shoulders.  She, of course, was drenched from the rain, but beaming~a smile that spread from ear to ear.  Prompted by both Wade and Jen, Scout cheered for me.  The kind of cheer that I so desperately needed to finish the marathon.  And while I am convinced that the jostling motion from sitting on Wade's shoulders and running probably gave her brain damage, I am ever so grateful for her ability to do EVERYTHING to the extreme.

While this picture is not from the marathon, it does show her sweet smile!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That Green Thing

A few weeks ago I was joking with a colleague that Scout LOVED all green vegetables~ lettuce, peas, broccoli, even brussel sprouts.  So, I guess that I should have not been surprised when I heard Jackson screaming, "Mom, she ate it.  That green thing on the counter."  The "green thing" that Jackson could not identify was a zucchini, and he was correct.  Scout had snatched the zucchini from the counter and took a rather large bite leaving bits of zucchini on her face. 
Can you see the zucchini on her face?

In our house, only Scout would bite into a zucchini like that!  However, that was not the end of the zucchini.  About four eggs, a little flour and THREE cups of sugar later, Jackson was enjoying his favorite zucchini muffins!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


It is often hard to believe that two children born and raised by the same parents could behave so differently.  My children looked very similar as toddlers.  Both Jackson and Scout had "slightly" larger than normal heads (a Rybarczyk family trait that I, personally, LOVE), bright blue eyes (Wade claims came from him) and golden blonde curly hair.  That is where their similarities came to a SCREECHING halt.   Jackson is essentially an "easy" child to parent.  He is very well behaved, quiet and can entertain himself.  I will also add that Jackson is messy (a trait that I am convinced comes from Wade) and highly anxious.   Now, Scout is a very different story.  She is a "challenging" child to parent.  Scout is not well behaved, quiet, or entertained by her toys.  In fact, if Scout is EVER quiet or entertaining herself something VERY bad is happening in our home.

So, why all the talk about differences.  On our last Friday of summer vacation, I had the "crazy" idea to take three children Jackson, Scout and Tucker (my nephew) to Splashtown (don't worry, I wouldn't embark on such a perilous journey without a little help from Starbucks). At Splashtown the differences between Jackson and Scout were blinding.  Jackson wanted to know where I was at every moment, despite my best attempts to keep he and his cousin informed.  Also, Jackson was fearful of some of the water rides. And, to be honest, I see nothing wrong with a healthy sense of fear.  But, I worry when Jackson's fears reduce him to tears.  I also worry when a child like Scout has NO fear.  Scout wanted nothing to do with me at Splashtown.  She would try to "run" away every chance she got and because Scout is small she could maneuver through the crowds better than I.  You may be asking yourself where Scout was headed when she was running away?  Scout was insistent that she could ride the Tornado.  A water slide that was funnel shaped, about a mile off the ground and appeared to make adults pee their pants with fear.  

I guess the bottom line is that I would like Jackson and Scout to be less different. Jackson could really use some of Scout's no fear attitude, and Scout really use some of Jackson's overly cautious demeanor.  

(I tried REALLY hard to take pictures of the three kids at Splashtown, but I firmly believe that I would need professional photography equipment comparable to that of National Geographic to photograph Scout running around Splashtown; however, I do have a few pictures from the cottage this weekend.)

Jackson "goofing" around in the kayak

Finally,  a photo of Scout without a lollipop in her mouth

Mommy & Scout before our kayak voyage