Saturday, May 5, 2012

What do you keep in your cabinets?....Scoutzilla

This afternoon, while I was doing some cooking, Scout found a "new" place to play.  It started simple enough.  A few pots and pans on the floor, then one child, two children and pillows in a cabinet.  No wonder I can't keep my house clean.

You may be asking yourself why my children are almost completely naked.  However, there is a good reason.  While I was cooking, the temperature in the kitchen reached a scorching eighty degrees.  

And, if there were any questions about my parenting style or lack there of the answer to this simple question will end all debate.  

Wade (to Scout):  "What's your name?"
Scout: "Scoutzilla"

Yes, I have trained my daughter that her name is Scoutzilla. 

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