Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Scout does EVERYTHING to the extreme, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.  When she is happy or excited, enthusiasm reins her little body.  Her smile spreads from ear to ear, and her laughter is contagious.  When she is upset, her grief is inconsolable, and her cries break my heart.

On September 30, 2012, I completed my first (and probably last) marathon.  It was not the experience that I had hoped it to be, but I finished with the support of many people.  My mother was both wise and generous to book hotel rooms in Portland the night before the race.  And by rooms, plural, I mean that my mother, AKA "The Saint,"  agreed to have both kids spend the night with her, while Wade and I got to spend the night ALONE.  Speaking of Wade, he outdid himself running with me from miles 12-18.  Even though he complained about carrying a water bottle, and he gave some of my food away to a fellow runner, I might have given up if it was not for him.  At the start of the race, it was a HUGE treat to see my longtime college (and after college) roommate, Kim.  Kim was running her first half marathon and running with her for the first six and a half miles helped me get the marathon off to a good start!  By the end of the marathon, I really had nothing left to give emotionally or physically.  So,  it was nice to be joined by my super speedy sister-in-law who graciously ran, or should I say walked, with me the last six grueling miles.  As if the support I received from my mother, Wade, Jen & Kim was not enough, I was also very fortunate to have friends stand in the pouring rain and cheer me on.  

So you might me asking yourself, "How does Scout fit in to this story?  This is a blog about Life with Scout."  With .2 miles left in the marathon, I was greeted by Scout sitting on top of Wade's shoulders.  She, of course, was drenched from the rain, but beaming~a smile that spread from ear to ear.  Prompted by both Wade and Jen, Scout cheered for me.  The kind of cheer that I so desperately needed to finish the marathon.  And while I am convinced that the jostling motion from sitting on Wade's shoulders and running probably gave her brain damage, I am ever so grateful for her ability to do EVERYTHING to the extreme.

While this picture is not from the marathon, it does show her sweet smile!


  1. You got yourself a good husband...funny how he also got me to the finish too! You did a great job in tough conditions. I can't wait until we can run together again.

  2. What a sweet moment! Great job on the marathon!


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