Saturday, June 23, 2012

Boudreau + Rybarczyk= Water Lover

Well, summer vacation is underway.  BS (Before Scout) summer meant lounging on the beach, collecting sea glass and playing in the water at the camp.  AS (After Scout), well, let's just say trips to the beach or camp have not been so much fun.  As stated numerous times before, Scout is extremely active and adding water to Scout's activity level equaled a nervous, cranky and (some might say) crazy mother.  However, something is different this year.  Scout is entertained by the water.  She will sit and play in the water with her water toys (almost) independently.    I guess it was bound to happen.  Rybarczyk, my last name, means "fisherman" and Boudreau, Wade's last name, means "waters edge."  Together, we have created the cutest little water lover...
Playing with sand toys


And, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't include a photo of Jackson
And, it wouldn't really be a blog post about Scout if there wasn't some type of "comical" event that happened.  So, here it is...

Scout has been doing so well with her potty training.  She has been primarily wearing underwear, so I let her go to the beach in a swimsuit without a swim diaper.  After she had been playing peacefully on the beach, she let me know that she had to poop.   On the long, hilly and exhausting journey up to the camp, Scout pooped.  By the time we reached the camp, and I tried to take off the swimsuit, poop was everywhere.  At this point, I was overwhelmed by poo.  Seeing my frustration (fear? panic?), Scout starts repeating, "God Dammit, God Dammit"  Enter my friend Stacy, who saved my life even though she was laughing at me...

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