Saturday, June 2, 2012

Do you know where your cell phone is?

Usually, I do.  However, I have a bad reputation of not responding to people as quickly as they may like me to (um hum, you know who you ALL are...).

Well, last night I went to bed with my cell phone on my night stand.  And, this morning, I woke up with my cell phone on my night stand.  But, after waking up this morning, things got a little busy.  Scout had pooped (surprise, surprise), Pilot had puked, and Jackson had to get ready for swim lessons.  Just your typical morning.  When things were more settled, I went to retrieve my cell phone from the night stand, and it was not there.  I searched the bed, the floor and the closet.  I searched Scout's room, Jackson's room  and the sitting room.  Finally, I decided to try my luck and ask Scout where she had put "mommy's phone".   In my mind, I thought that she would respond, "I dunno." But, imagine my surprise when her little fingers took mine, and she led me upstairs to Jackson's room.  Imagine my even greater surprise when she stood in front of Jackson's TV/VCR combo and pointed to the slot for the video cassette.  And, sure as shit (shit, unfortunately has been on my mind a lot lately) there was my phone sitting on top of a cassette inside the VCR.  

What can I say? That's life with Scout...

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  1. Hi Jill. Just became a new follower. I saw your link on Jen's blog:)! It sounds like Scout keeps you "runnning". FYI....LOVE the Co-op in Belfast. Visited up there (from the Boston area) a few months back.


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