Sunday, April 8, 2012

"I run fast!"

A couple of weeks ago, I registered Wade, Jackson and myself for Race the Runways in Brunswick, Maine.  Wade was registered for the mile, Jackson was registered for the kid's fun run (about 1/4 mile), and I was registered for the half marathon.  I knew that Jackson would not be too excited about the actual run, but he would like the swag (i.e. shirt, bag, and medal).  As the race approached, I realized that I had probably registered the wrong child for the kid's fun run.  Even though Scout is only two, she loves running.   In fact, she tells people, "I run fast."  So, yesterday was the big day.  Scout made her running debut.

A healthy pre-race snack
Walking out to the starting line
"Racing" to the finish
Scout's first medal!

Congratulations, Scouty!  You do run fast.

For anybody that cares, Scout's mom ran fast yesterday too.  I was able to complete the half marathon in under two hours (just barely).  However, I did take over 12 minutes of last year's time.

Official time: 1:59:15

Thank you to Maine Running Photos!  Photos 2, 3 & 5 were taken from:


  1. I think Scout's daddy needs to make her a medal rack so she can begin collecting her race medals. While he's at it, her mommy needs one too! Great job to the three runners yesterday!

  2. Yes, I guess we all need to get busy with our medal rack company!


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