Sunday, April 22, 2012

An Unsolved Mystery...

Scout's curiosity and zest for life are often the cause of unusual events within our home.  So, while this has become par for the course, yesterday's unusual event left, even, me scratching my head. 

Scout is doing a great job with her potty training; however, she still has accidents.  For this reason, I always have Scout wear a pull-up when we are outside of the home.  Yesterday, we had a morning out with my mother, Scout and Jackson's Nani.  When we left the house, Scout was wearing a pull-up.  When I took her to the bathroom at the restaurant, she was wearing a pull-up.  And, you guessed it, when we came home she was wearing a pull-up.  But, just 2 hours later, without the help of anyone, she was wearing underwear and her pull-up was missing.  So, what happened?  I have no idea.  When we returned home, Scout, Jackson & I headed outside to enjoy the sunshine.  I planted some pansies and raked the garden.  Jackson and Scout played with the outside faucet and rocks in the driveway.  At one point, Scout went into the house, but I watched her go in and stand in front of the TV.   Within two minutes, she was outside again.  As I was picking up the rake and the kid's toys, Scout asked me to hold her, so I picked her up.  Immediately, I felt that she was not wearing a pull-up; she had on underwear.  I carried her inside and checked the bathroom for the pull-up, and it was not there.  I couldn't believe it actually would have been put in the trash can, but I checked there too~no pull-up.  I asked Jackson if he knew what happened to Scout's pull-up, and he had no idea.  At this point, I gave up.  I figured the pull-up would eventually turn up, and it did...

Later that evening, I was putting my keys away in the "key jar."  As I approached the jar, I saw something white sticking out of it.  You guessed it... the missing pull-up. Another unsolved mystery courtesy of Scout!

The missing pull-up in the key jar

 And, because she is so adorable, I couldn't resist adding this photo from earlier today.  

Sporting sunglasses with a raincoat & rainboots

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