Monday, April 2, 2012

Translation...I Rock!

Anyone who has parented a child or who has provided daily care for a young child knows that one of your many jobs is to serve as a translator for the foreign language young children speak.  For example, one of Scout's favorite sayings is: "Me hold you." Translation: "Pick me up, and hold me."  Some translations are not this easy, and one infamous phrase uttered by Scout had been a mystery to me until early this morning.  

Scout has been having a difficult time sleeping through the night.  She would prefer to sleep with Wade and I, but we would prefer that she did not.  So, for the better part of the week, she will wake up one or two times a night, and cry out, "I want my mommy-uh."  This is not a knew phrase for Scout.  She has been saying this for months, mostly when she is sick, and the word "mommy-uh" has been a mystery to me.  She does not call me "mommy-uh" during the day, so why would she call me "mommy-uh" at night?  Well, very early this morning, I solved the mystery of "mommy-uh."  Scout woke up screaming, "I want my mommy-uh" this morning around 1:30.  And maybe it was the repetition of this phrase, or my early morning brain kicking in, but it FINALLY made sense.  Translation: "I want my mommy to come."  Oh yeah, I rock!  
Scout & Mommy this morning
I will also share another quick, cute story from this morning.  Scout has a little "boy" friend at daycare.  And, these two really do like each other, but they are both very, very active (aka wild) children.  Scout and her little "boy" friend arrived at daycare at the same time this morning.  As I was carrying Scout in, the little boy was being carried in by his father.  I said to Scout, "Will you be a good girl today?"  And, the father said to me, "Your kidding, right?"  I replied, "I'm not kidding, just praying."

Happy Monday!


  1. I didn't know you did a blog! Just came across it in my FB posts yesterday. Gives me a glimpse of what you're up to!!

  2. No idea why my name came out so weird!!

    1. Yes, I started it as a replacement "scrapbook" for Scout. She had no formal photo album or scrapbook, so I decided to write a blog for her. She'll either love it, or hate it someday. Plus it gives me an outlet to write about her crazy antics.


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