Monday, February 27, 2012

"Oh, Poop" (That's not what I really said)

So, last night I was feeling pretty good.  I was not overly stressed about returning to work, the weather forecast was hinting at a storm for later in the week (a teacher's dream) and Scout was in a good mood.  With just one hour to her bedtime, I started to prepare for her bath.  She had just pooped, and we "talked" about how it was yucky to poop in a diaper because the potty is so much better.  I had taken off her diaper, and she was running around the kitchen naked.  That's when IT happened.  Scout said, "I pooped,"  and, guess what, she was not lying. She had pooped on her freshly polished "piggies," legs and yes, all over the floor.  In a pitiful attempt to contain the situation, I had Jackson hold his sister in place, while I ran to get paper towels and cleaner.  As I was returning with the paper towels and cleaner, my slipper "found" a spot of poop and I slipped in a pile of poo... awesome. Now, I'm sure you can guess what I really said.

And for the Clean Food Challenge update: Day 2

Breakfast: Larabar, banana & water
Snack: Healthy granola bar (made by Stacy) & pistachios 
Lunch: Black bean chili (again, made by Stacy)
Snack: Apple slices & almonds
Dinner: A VERY large salad
Water: 90+ oz 

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