Thursday, March 22, 2012

"I'm not a bad girl!"

It's hard to believe that someone as cute as this can be sooo naughty!  

     But, it is true!  On Sunday, Scout hit her brother with a book.  He very appropriately told her that she was a bad girl.  Scout let out a fake cry, walked over to me, with her hand on her hip, and said, "I'm not a bad girl!"  And, she meant it...she actually sounded indignant that someone would call her bad.  Imagine that.  Indignant at age two.  Since Sunday, that has been her favorite saying at home and at daycare.  Where did I go wrong?

    When I first found out that I was pregnant with a girl, I thought about how I was going to raise her to be a strong, independent, determined and self-assured  human being.  Well, apparently my job is done, and I need to start "rethinking" my plan.  

    PS While I was writing this post, my husband accused me of being strong-willed.  Imagine that.  Strong-willed, humpf!

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