Monday, March 26, 2012

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner"

Within the past few weeks, Scout has grown increasingly interested in her baby dolls.  At first she was only interested in stripping off her baby doll's clothes.  No matter how many times I put an outfit on Baby, she always ended up naked (much like Scout).  My mother would ask me, "Why is Scout's doll naked?  Doesn't she have any clothes?"  This comment kind of hurt my feelings.  Like, somehow I was responsible for mistreating Baby.  Then Scout's day care provider gave Scout an outfit for Baby.  Now, I felt like people outside of my family thought that I was mistreating Baby.  

Well, Baby is still naked, but she...
has time-outs

"fake" sleeps with Scout on the sofa

and, she has unfortunate shopping cart accidents.

So, I think that I can guess what you are thinking.  If children "act"out what they see and experience, what the heck is happening at Scout's house?

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  1. Love the shopping cart accident! Too funny! And hey, did you know it is Jennifer Grey's birthday today? I only know that because I saw it on Twitter. Though, I did watch Dirty Dancing quite a few times back in the day.


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