Monday, March 12, 2012


Technically, Scout is sick.  She has a fever of 101+, chills (her teeth are chattering) and a booger that nearly made me puke.  This morning Scout was lethargic; she sat on the couch cuddled up in her blanket and cried for Mommy to sit with her.  I rearranged my schedule and plans to stay at home with her.  

At this moment, I believe her "illness" was a trick!  For the past three hours, I have chased this "sick" child around the house.  She played a "Minute to Win-it" game with an entire box of tissues ( I couldn't take a picture of this because I was near tears),  stripped naked a few times, and danced around in a pair of heels that I can barely walk in.  

Scout's tiny feet in five inch heels!
Tomorrow, no matter how "sick" she looks, Scout WILL be going to daycare.


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